Hi there.

I write cozies your nana might not like. Then again, that depends on your nana.

I have two mystery series in the works — one featuring the rock ‘n’ roll detective Clancy Parker and the other starring the erotic bakery entrepreneur Muriel Kovacs. Three novels in the Clancy Parker series, Heavy Mental, Exile on Slain Street, and Plymouth Rock & Roll are out now. The first novel in the Muriel Kovacs series, Missionary Position, made me a quarterfinalist in the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. It will be out soon.

More About Me

Location: Formerly California. Now somewhere much, much colder.

Occupation: Cube jockey. I work for a corporation. Let’s call it “The Man, Inc.”

Previous Occupation: Crime blogger.

Why I Write Mysteries: See entry above.

Credentials: One of my mysteries made me an ABNA quarterfinalist in 2012. Not bad.

My name: If you had my first name, you’d go with “P.J.” because you’d rather be associated with P.J. Harvey and the “Family Circus” baby. Trust.

Loves: Rock ‘n’ roll, the West Coast, caffeine, tequila, Stephen Colbert, showbiz biographies

Hates: Techno music, snow, cosmos (the drink and the magazine), Taylor freaking Swift

So now that you know what to expect, get to know Clancy Parker and Muriel Kovacs.