Another Good Review of “Heavy Mental”!

First, a five-star review of “Heavy Mental.” Second, my March Madness bracket is holding up. Third, an impromptu screening of “Hot Tub Time Machine,” featuring Rob Corddry in an Iron Maiden T-shirt. Now, another good review. Can this weekend get any better?

Yes, it can because “Heavy Mental” scored another good review.

Author Anne Marie Stoddard asked, “A female heroine with an awesome rock n’ roll job and an adventurous life as a detective? Yes, please!”

There’s more where that came from, too! Specifically from Anne Marie, whose “Murder at Castle Rock” features a heroine who is a booking agent for a rock club in Atlanta. I am not finished with “Murder at Castle Rock” just yet, but I can say that I am loving her book (Out soon! Like, really soon!), and I’m thinking that maybe the “Not Your Nana’s Cozy” genre is becoming a genuine thing.

Could we be starting a new genre? Perhaps the — dare I say it? — rock ‘n’ roll cozy?

Okay, that sounds weird because “rock ‘n’ roll cozy” makes me think of this:


Or maybe even this if you find Slayer a bit much:


… but that’s okay. We’re breaking new ground over here!


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