This Weekend Just Went to 11!


So, after “Heavy Mental” received another good review, I asked if the weekend could get any better. It can!

Tom at posted a wonderful review, and he writes, “In addition to creating a formidable protagonist in Clancy, Ms Morse has introduced a wonderful array of supporting characters, any of whom could be fitted into a larger role as future novels require.”

If Harold, Muriel, Shane, Wayne or anyone else existed, they would pop open Heinekens. Well, Wayne would get his bong bubbling, but that’s how Wayne rolls.

Even better, Tom writes that the humor of “Heavy Mental” doesn’t drown out the mystery: “That’s not to say that there isn’t a taut, well-drawn mystery here–there is.”

This weekend could go perfectly potty all of a sudden, but nothing’s going to change my tune. Complete strangers like “Heavy Mental,” so it is time to rock!


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