An Endorsement from the Cozy Pros

DelAnne Frazee at the Cozy Mystery Book Review just gave “Heavy Mental” a glowing review. I banged my head with joy because that is what I do when I am happy … and I did so while at The Man, Inc. No one at The Man, Inc., knows of my side writing enterprise, so I had to explain it by saying work was driving me crazy. (Somehow, that makes much more sense to people than saying I’m happy because a stranger said I wrote an entertaining book.)


Why am I headbanging? Because when I was writing “Heavy Mental,” I fretted that I was stepping outside of cozy bounds. I love cozies because they mix murder with two of my favorite things — cute animals and food.

But, when I decided to write a mystery, I thought I might have two teensy-tiny problems. First, my main character, Clancy Parker, does not have pets. Harold, her landlord, is allergic, and it would be impossible to take a pet on tour with her band, the Marquee Idols. (As if Shane, Wayne or Muriel could handle the responsibilities of caring for a pet! If you have read “Heavy Mental,” can you imagine what Wayne would try to feed the pet?)

Second, I am not a good cook, so I can’t add recipes. I don’t need to regale you with tales of my cooking mishaps, but there’s a reason Clancy’s favorite foods are Fritos and takeout beef and broccoli.

So, I admit, I was a little nervous when I put the book on Amazon. I know not all cozies have pets and recipes, but a lot of them do. The good review over at Cozy Mystery Book Review makes me feel like I got something right. Not only did I capture the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, but maybe I captured the spirit of the cozy, too.


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