“Heavy Mental” Rocks Its First Book Tour Stop

I’m going on my very first book tour, courtesy of Cozy Mystery Book Reviews, and I made my first stop at Must Read Faster.

Let me tell ya, I am enjoying this book tour thing. First off, the book tour doesn’t involve riding in the back of a van or “jamming econo.” I can tour in my pajamas or from the comfort of my own couch. (Or the comfort of my own work cubicle, but you can’t have everything.) Everything can be exactly the way I want it. I can even pluck the offending brown M&Ms from my candy fun pack!

What’s better than a cozy book tour? Happy book tour hosts! The wonderful Melissa of Must Read Faster enjoyed getting to know Clancy and the Marquee Idols:

I LOVED Clancy! LOVE love LURVVVED her. She’s definitely someone I could hang with. Pretty sarcastic, smart, and well she’s a freakin’ rock star..sort of.

Cue the backflips! (I’m in the cubicle … so when no one’s looking …) Now I’m looking forward to the next book tour stops and wondering what the audiences will think.


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