The Free Promo: The Reissue

I am running a second free Kindle promo for “Heavy Mental: A Clancy Parker Mystery,” and I keep thinking of classic album re-releases. Audiences need to be reminded of some records, like the Breeders’ recent “Last Splash: LSXX” deluxe disc, and the reissue might even attract new fans. (Because, really, if you haven’t heard “Last Splash,” what are you waiting for? Kim Deal is one of Muriel‘s heroes! Or shall I say heroines?)

It’s a little weird because I unleashed “Heavy Mental” onto the world a few months ago, and I ran a fairly successful three-day free promo for it recently. I’m on KDP Select, and I realized I have two free days left in the deal. So … why not reissue?

I am pleasantly surprised by the results. The free promo is hardly on par with a “Last Splash” reissue, but “Heavy Mental” made it to #23 in the Mystery > Women Sleuths category on June 4.

So, one more free promo day tomorrow. Can you help me make it hit the Amazon charts like a Cannonball?*

*Any alt-rock fan knows what’s coming, right?



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