It’s On: “Exile on Slain Street” Available on Tuesday, August 27

“Exile on Slain Street,” the second book in the Clancy Parker mystery series, is making its debut exclusively on Amazon on Tuesday, August 27.

Here’s a little taste of the new mess that Clancy Parker has gotten herself into:

In Exile on Slain Street, undercover detective Clancy Parker must find the killer on the set of a reality TV dating show before she gets eliminated —- permanently.

Clancy thought she’d been hired to protect the show’s star, grunge-rock guitar god Patrick Price, from a stalker, but she quickly realizes she’s dealing with a clever murderer whose arsenal includes booby-trapped stripper poles and sabotaged stretch Hummers. As members of the cast and production team are killed one by one, Clancy finds herself with few allies. She’s at the mercy of a nosy camera crew and, even worse, reality show contestants who will do anything for fame.

However, Clancy is the right woman for this challenge. She plays guitar for a band, and she fancies herself a rock ‘n’ roll detective, like Kinky Friedman, only a whole lot prettier. With her music background, Patrick Price can’t resist her, but the attentions of a horny rock star threaten to distract her from her original purpose, which is to save her client’s life.

The cover, courtesy of the clever Streetlight Graphics, is a winner, too!


Want to try before you buy? Easy. Here’s a link to the first chapter of “Exile on Slain Street.”

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