Come On, Pilgrim! “Plymouth Rock & Roll” Available on Tuesday, November 24

*Apologies to Black Francis, but the joke begged to be made.

So your drunk uncle is snoring, and your creepy conservative cousin is going on about conspiracy theories. Escape them with the third book in the Clancy Parker mystery series, “Plymouth Rock & Roll.” It’s available exclusively on Amazon on Tuesday November 24.

Here’s the teaser:

In Plymouth Rock & Roll, guitarist Clancy Parker can’t wait to play a major hometown gig in Massachusetts, but she must first track down a rock star who is running amok.

Clancy’s ex-boyfriend, grunge icon Patrick Price, needs a big favor. Justin Hollander, the frontman for Patrick’s new supergroup, has gone AWOL after biting a police officer, and Patrick needs to find him so they can headline the New Pilgrim rock festival. If Clancy can corral Justin, she has a chance at reuniting with her ex and maybe even getting publicity for her band, the Marquee Idols.

As this job gets more high-profile by the minute, Clancy soon realizes she might achieve the fame she’s dreamed of, only she might not be alive long enough to enjoy it.

And of course the fine team at Streetlight Graphics came through with another fine cover, complete with pilgrim hat:


Want to read the first chapter? “The New Pilgrim” awaits you.


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