Clancy Parker Mysteries

All musicians have day jobs, but Clancy Parker, has one of the more unusual ones. She works as a detective by day and plays guitar in a rock ‘n’ roll band at night. The Clancy Parker mysteries follow her attempts to balance her pursuit of a record deal with her increasingly hazardous occupation.

Heavy Mental
HeavyMental-avatarA musician’s gotta eat, which is why rock guitarist Clancy Parker takes on side gigs as a private eye. When she gets a new case involving a stolen necklace, Clancy’s thrilled at the prospect of easy money.

The job turns out to be anything but. Soon enough, Clancy must dodge threats from disgruntled secretaries, unhinged society matrons and rampaging ice cream trucks. The only person who can provide answers about the necklace is her client’s sexy psychiatrist, but Clancy’s budding crush on him only leads to more trouble.

Eventually, Clancy must rely on all of her contacts— her stoner bandmates, her Socialist landlord, and her yoga-loving, flask-toting mother—to stop the thief from turning into a killer.

A sneak peek at Heavy Mental: Chapter 1

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Exile on Slain Street

Exile on Slain Street PJ MorseIn Exile on Slain Street, undercover detective Clancy Parker must find the killer on the set of a reality TV dating show before she gets eliminated—permanently.

Clancy thought she’d been hired to protect the show’s star, grunge-rock guitar god Patrick Price, from a stalker, but she quickly realizes she’s dealing with a clever murderer whose arsenal includes booby-trapped stripper poles and sabotaged stretch Hummers. As members of the cast and production team are killed one by one, Clancy finds herself with few allies. She’s at the mercy of a nosy camera crew and, even worse, reality show contestants who will do anything for fame.

However, Clancy is the right woman for this challenge. She plays guitar for a band, and she fancies herself a rock ‘n’ roll detective, like Kinky Friedman, only a whole lot prettier. With her music background, Patrick Price can’t resist her, but the attentions of a horny rock star threaten to distract her from her original purpose, which is to save her client’s life.

A sneak peek of Exile on Slain Street: Chapter 1

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Plymouth Rock & Roll

In Plymouth Rock & Roll, guitarist Clancy Parker can’t wait to play a major hometown gig in Massachusetts, but first she must track down a rock star who is running amok.

Clancy’s ex-boyfriend, grunge icon Patrick Price, needs a big favor. Justin Hollander, the frontman for Patrick’s new supergroup, has gone AWOL after biting a police officer, and Patrick needs to find him so they can headline the New Pilgrim rock festival. If Clancy can corral Justin, she has a chance at reuniting with her ex and maybe even getting publicity for her band, the Marquee Idols.

As this job gets more high-profile by the minute, Clancy soon realizes she might achieve the fame she’s dreamed of, only she might not be alive long enough to enjoy it.

A sneak peek of Plymouth Rock & Roll: Chapter 1

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